Sunday Classic / Snap Your Wrist For Line Speed

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Snap It! Photo by Louis Cahill

The quest for line speed continues!

Today Bruce is going to get a little closer to that fly rod and talk about the roll your wrist plays in fly casting. Watch closely. Bruce has great mussel memory from thousands of hours of casting. Watch the subtlety of his wrist movement. The snap and push that happens. Don’t forget that, as in all fly casting, this requires a smooth application of power to be successful. This will take some practice to master and in the next two videos Bruce will build on this technique so get out in the yard and give it a try.

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Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Snap Your Wrist For Line Speed

  1. Always like your Bruce Chard casting video posts. He covers some really essential skill-sets for improving flycasting, especially in the salt. Love his “shadow double haul video” – classic video.

    p.s. What’s the difference between “Mussel” and “Muscle” memory? 🙂

    It’s a bit like; there, their and they’re – a common mistake for all of us. Usually when typing late at night 🙂

    • Its actually a bit ironic because I have seen most people do it backwards where they spell it “muscle” when trying to describe the aquatic bivalve. It just goes to show you that Louis is a fisherman at heart like the rest of us and he had the spelling of the animal deep in his subconscious.

  2. I looked at it three times. The rod tip isn’t going back any further with a “wrist snap.” I agree this needs to be done, but I suspect Bruce is simply adding more force to the snap. The wrist “cocks” a bit in all casting – has too, or we’d always cast huge arcs/loops.

  3. I really like all of Bruce’s videos as well. If you’ve never practiced any of his tips/techniques I strongly recommend doing so. Just watching his videos and practicing his teachings has improved my casting tremendously. Especially casting into the wind while out on a saltwater flat. Out of all of these vids, the vid about the V-grip has been my favorite, as well as my favorite technique for adding power and line speed to my cast.

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