New South Andros Bonefish Schools

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Glenn Ancelet employees some advanced technique. Photo by Louis Cahill

We have a few bonefish school dates and a last minute chance at a real bargain!

The G&G Bonefish School continues to grow in popularity. With anglers returning year after year, and new anglers eager to shorten their learning curve and become proficient in saltwater flyfishing, the schools have been selling out quickly.

At the time of this writing, we have a cancelation, leaving one spot in the Jan 5-12 school. We also have 4 spots open for June 8-15.

The cost for this 6 day / 7 night trip is $3975. That’s an amazing discount over the normal rate of $5950. These are the last dates we will have at those rates, so don’t hesitate if you are interested. All rates are subject to 12% Bahamian VAT Tax.

I don’t know of a better bargain or a better way to up your saltwater fly game. I hope you will be able to join me and experience South Andros for yourself. This place is famous for a reason. 

Email me at for more info or to reserve your spot.

Here’s more info on the G&G Bonefish School at Bair’s Lodge, South Andros.

Click here to read Jason Tuckers account of his experience at the G&G Bonefish School.

The Bonefish School on South Andros is one of our most popular trips. It’s hands down the best way to shorten the learning curve for saltwater fly fishing and build the skills and good habits you need to be a successful and self-sufficient saltwater angler. Many anglers return year after year to enjoy the camaraderie, the laid-back atmosphere and the amazing fishing on South Andros.

Rusty-Chinnis-Bairs-001-(Copy)I will be hosting the Bonefish Schools at the famous Bair’s Lodge. Part of the Nervous Waters family, Bair’s offers a relaxed, unpretentious vibe with personal service and amenities unmatched on the island. Delicious food, an exceptional guide staff, a fleet of brand new Maverick skiffs and an in-house fly shop are just a few of the things which set Bair’s apart. I am excited to be partnering with them to provide the best experience possible. Check out the Bair’s site; you’ll like what you see.

“Reid and I both could not have asked for a better trip — in large part thanks to time you dedicated to answering our numerous questions and to teach us about everything from strip setting to casting to tying flies and leaders. We learned more about fishing in our one week at South Andros than we have in our entire lives previously.”- John Hamilton

Not sure how hosted trips work? CLICK HERE.

The School

DSC_1101-3Don’t stress, there will not be a test. The Bonefish School is as laid back as it gets. On our arrival, I offer my Flats Primer for anyone who is interested. This brief rundown is designed to prepare you for your week and get you off on the right foot. The next night I do my Bonefish 101, An in-depth look at successful bonefish technique.  Anglers who are new to the salt always find it enlightening. Repeat offenders appreciate it as a refresher and as a great opportunity to heckle me!

I will work with you to be sure that you have your gear set up for success and feel confident stepping onto the bow, whether it’s your first time or your thousandth. Each day you will fish with a guide who not only put you on bonefish, but reinforce the techniques needed for success. I will be available to work with you individually as needed, to answer questions, work on casting or just mix drinks. I am there to see that you have the best possible experience. You don’t need any saltwater experience to have a blast and catch plenty of fish.

The Fishing

_DSC3513-2bI’ll never forget how excited I was the first time I visited South Andros. Before my trip I asked a friend what to expect. He thought for a moment and said,

“The Bahamas is the best bonefishing in the world, and South Andros is the best bonefishing in the Bahamas.”

DSC_6963-2That simple description has proven to be true year after year. South Andros really does offer something for everyone. Schools of hundreds of eager bonefish, big singles and doubles, endless sand flats to wade and the world famous action of the expansive and intricate West Side. Your guide will have plenty of options to show you and you’ll seldom see another boat.

In addition to plentiful bonefish, South Andros also offers great fishing for big barracuda, shark, jacks, snapper and a host of other species, including the occasional permit or tarpon sighting. The island features the world’s highest density of blue holes and it’s always fun to see what’s in those ocean deep pools.

The Island

DSC_5317South Andros is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. Although it is the largest island in the Bahamas, it is the least populated. The vast expanses to the south and west are extremely remote and isolated. The fish see very little pressure and when you cast a fly to one, chances are he’s never seen one before.

The island and flats are dotted with ocean deep blue holes, which are a real natural wonder and marine life is everywhere. The folks there are warm and authentic. You’ll never meet a stranger on South Andros. This island is the real Bahamas. It’s easy to imagine the days when pirate ships moored off shore to bury treasure and locals rowed handmade skiffs into the Tongue of the Ocean for weeks at a time. It’s my favorite place on earth and I look forward to sharing it with you.


edit-1990South Andros is easy to reach by two options. You can fly into the Congo Town airport via Nassau on Western Air or via Fort Lauderdale on Watermakers Air. Your shuttle to and from the airport is covered in your trip.


The basic gear I recommend for bonefishing is an 8-weight fly rod with a good large arbor reel and tropical line. If you don’t have that kind of setup, no worries. The lodge offers loaner gear at no additional charge. You will need good protective sun clothing, sunscreen and a pair of wading shoes. I can help you with a packing list and any specifics that arise.

Whether your goal is to learn the saltwater game, make new friends, see one of the wildest and most productive fisheries anywhere, or just get out of the snow and onto a beach, this trip is a great time. I hope you will be able to make it part of your most memorable fishing season yet. I look forward to sharing this amazing island and its flats with you.

To reserve a spot or get more information, shoot me an email at HOOKUPS@GINKANDGASOLINE.COM

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “New South Andros Bonefish Schools

  1. Whether you’re new to the sport, or have been itching to take on the flats for the first time, this is a terrific opportunity to level up your game.
    Great guides, wonderful accommodation, incredible food and an amazing fishery.

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