Two Streamers Alaskan Guides Always Carry

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Two Deadly Articulated Alaskan Streamers. Photo By: Louis Cahill

No Alaska angler should be without these two fly patterns.

If you ever plan on visiting one of those famous Alaskan fishing operations like Alaska West or if you’re more the angler who rather prefers to do it yourself, I highly recommend tying up several of these two articulated streamer patterns before your trip. These guys never failed me on the Bristol Bay watersheds of Alaska, and you’ll be set no matter what time of the season you fish. We called the black and chartreuse head streamer the “The Green Headed Monster” and it would knock them dead early to mid-season. When you found the fish it would produce every cast with a steady swing downstream and across. What a big fish magnet this guy was.

The second fly is a Flesh/Attractor streamer we dead drifted most of the time under a indicator but also we would swing it at the end of our drifts. It would produce big fish damn near anywhere mid-season on. There are lots of variations of this fly out there, this pattern was shown to me by retired alaskan guide, Sam Cornelius of Mission Creek Lodge. I nicknamed it the “Cornelius Special” out of respect. Sam was an exceptional guide and fly fisherman.

Both of these flies are very easy to tie as long as you know how to wrap cross-cut zonker and marabou plumes forward like hackle. They’re articulated using 30lb. spider wire braided line.

“Green Headed Monster” Articulated Streamer

Hook: Gamakatsu Red Octopus – Size 4-6

Ultra Thread 280: Black (Body & Articulate Tail) Chartreuse (Head)

Articulated Connection: Spider Wire 30lb. Doubled Over

Body & Tail: Black Cross-Cut Rabbit (Zonker) wrapped forward followed by Black Marabou wrapped forward

Head: Chartreuse Cactus Chenille

Eyes: Red Dumbell Eyes

“Cornelius Special” Flesh/Attractor Articulated Streamer

Hook: TMC 8090 – Size 10

Ultra Thread 280: Fl. Pink

Articulated Connection: Spider Wire 30lb. Doubled Over

Body & Tail: Alternate between wrapping the cross-cut rabbit and marabou forward. Experiment with the order you tie and the color combinations of these materials for varying results.

Shell Pink Cross-Cut Rabbit (Zonker), Flesh Cross-Cut Rabbit, Shell Pink Marabou, Fl. Pink Marabou, Peach Marabou, White Marabou

Legs: White Round Medium Rubber Legs

Head: Polar Chenille – Fl. Pink

Eyes: White Dumbell Eyes

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Two Streamers Alaskan Guides Always Carry

  1. I think a video is in order. Please. There’s too much fluff on those things to be able to see how they were tied.

    Is “cross-cut” different from your average zonker strips?

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