Tie The White Tiger

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Was it Siegfried or Roy? I Forget. Photo by Louis Cahill

It was a windy day in November on the west side of South Andros.

My buddy Bruce Chard had tied up a fly he called the White Tiger. It was big and gaudy and orange and every time it hit the water the bonefish went crazy. We stuck so many big bones that day it was silly so when we got back to the lodge I asked Bruce to tie the White Tiger for a video. If your going bone fishing don’t go without a White Tiger.

Check out the video!

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “Tie The White Tiger

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  2. Gamakatsu SL11-3H 3XS hook
    Thread: Hot orange thread
    Overwing: Ten strands root beer krystal flash
    Wing: Cream craft fur
    Body: Amber polar chenille
    Eyes: extra small lead eye
    2 orange barred Sili legs doubled

    four orange stripes on the fur

    So what size hook? The SL11-3H comes in sizes 8 to 8/0.

  3. Bruce, Thanks for showing how to tie this fly. Just got back from Belize. Our guide indicated that the Permit were more interested in shrimp patterns than crabs so I tied on a White Tiger. It worked great. I also used it for deeper water bones, also with good success. This may be my new favorite fly for deeper water. I also tied a lighter and smaller version of this with a shorter wing for the skinny flats which also was great. I think something about the orange and the root beer chenille just sets them off. I had bones that I had poorly cast to, just turn and go for this fly. Amazing. Thanks again.

    • Chris,

      We love Bruce having our back. He is he MAN! It is so cool when we post about a pattern and hear back that followers used it and caught fish. It doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks for the comment and following G&G.


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