There’s One Born Every Minute

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I'm Gonna Get You Sucker Photo by Louis Cahill

My good friend Will Sands of Taylor Creek Fly Shop is caught holding the biggest sucker I’ve ever seen.  I caught this brute last fall on the Colorado River just below Glenwood Springs.  If I remember correctly it meashured 26″ and fought like a log.  Thanks, for a great day Will!

Will is the creator of the STD  (Sands’ Tungsten Deception) and awesome Baetis pattern.

Here’s a great post on how to tie it.

BTW, we did catch trout too.



Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “There’s One Born Every Minute

  1. God, for a lot of reasons I wish my friend Tony was alive. Tony and I played a lot of golf together about 1967 and he would make me madder than hell. I was working on my golf game and Tony would fish every creek on the course for suckers. That boy did love to fish. He kept a line and hook tied on his 2 iron. Many times I offered to teach him how to hit his 2 iron but he would just grin and tell me he didn’t need it. One day he broke off in the creek on #7 but my victory was short lived. He just produced a back up rig and began to retie. I walked off and left him in the creek while I finished 7, played 8 and picked him in the same creek where 9 crossed. The next day I would make him promise, again to play golf and not fish but the first hole had a creek and that’s about how long that promise would hold up. God I miss Tony!

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