The Fusion Warrior

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Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

If Lance Egan’s Rainbow Warrior and my Fusion hooked up and had a beautiful baby, what would it look like?  

Wyoming winters are long, really long.  These conditions can be challenging to endure, yet they provide ample time for creation behind the tying vise.  After posting a tying video for Lance Egan’s Rainbow Warrior I couldn’t help but wonder.  I was curious what a combination of my Fusion and his Warrior would look like.  

I’m a huge believer in the combination of a little flash and a lot buggy when it comes to nymph.  The combination of these two patterns fills that niche wonderfully.  The use of grey ostrich herl in the abdomen provides ample movement and a subtle veil to the flash of the underlying tinsel.  The application of the Rainbow Sow Scud dubbing provides mottled coloration and a soft hackle like movement when applied with a dubbing loop.  Tied on the Tiemco 2499BL in black, the pattern supports a significant gap that helps to increase the odds of hooking and holding fish.  

When fishing this pattern I use it as part of multiple pattern nymph rigs.  Additionally I use it as a dropper in its various sizes below different dries.  I use a non-slip loop knot to attach the fly to the tippet.  This knot provides exceptional strength and allows the fly to move more freely in the subsurface world of trout.  

As we move through another season, diversify your nymphing selection.   Add the Fusion Warrior to the slots in your box.  This combination of buggy and flash will provide you with a productive changeup as you look to increase your on-the-water success. 

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