The Double Herl Scud

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

While complexity is sometimes beneficial, simplicity is often appreciated.

The double herl scud embraces the concept of ease, while producing consistently effective underwater results.  It’s basic list of ingredients allow for size and color adjustments needed to match the naturals in the waters that you fish.

Scuds are prevalent in many still and moving fisheries.  This is especially true in alkaline or limestone influences waters.   The importance of these small crustaceans can range from a minor percentage of a trout’s diet to almost exclusive dominance of the menu.  Their sizes range drastically from water to water, most commonly falling between sizes eighteen to twelve.  Some waters are host to larger specimens reaching up to size eight.  For the waters that you fish it can be very beneficial to collects samples.  This will allow you to either tie or buy imitations that match the most common size and color range.

The light weight of this particular imitation makes it an ideal offering when fished on an intermediate sinking line with a sink rate of a couple inches per second.  With this technique, the double herl scud can be presented throughout a wide depth range when pursuing still water trout.  On moving water I trail this fly behind a more heavily weighted pattern in an effort to quickly reach the desired depth.

Tying time is a valuable commodity.  Its worth to many fly fishers is matched only by the effectiveness of a pattern.  The double herl scud balances these two elements by saving the tier time and effectively producing for the fly fisher on the water.

Watch the video and learn to tie the Double Herl Scud.

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