Taming Marabou Tails

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Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

As we move toward spring, the presentation of streamers increases for many fly fishers. 

For those of us that tie our own, the use of some materials is far more common than others.  Marabou tends to be one of those materials, particularly in the tails of many bugger style streamers.

The underwater effectiveness of this material cannot be denied.  However, for the time invested behind the vise, marabou can be an unruly material to work with.  It has the ability to fly, float and crawl its way throughout any available surface.  This attribute can often slow down the tying process and impact the efficiency of the tier.

When sitting down to tie any pattern, I try to make the most of my tying time.   When creating patterns with marabou tails, I use a simple trick to mass produce them prior to tying.  As I cut off the allotted amount of marabou for one tail, I hold the separated material in my left hand.  I then moisten my thumb, index and middle finger of the right hand.  Using my right hand, I twist the butt ends of the marabou together and set the tail off to the side.  This moistened twist hold the fibers together, even after it dries, until I’m ready to tie them in. 

Life is chaotic and busy.  Your tying time spent behind the vise shouldn’t be.  Next time you sit down to tie with marabou tails, use this quick tip to improve the quality of your tying experience and increase the number of bugs you produce. 

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