Slim Shady Baetis

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IMG_4721By Bob Reece

A baetis pattern with a secret.

“Hopper” Juan Ramirez is full time guide on Colorado’s South Platte and Arkansas Rivers.   His years of experience on these water have allowed him to build an on-the-water knowledge base that is second to none.   One of his recent creations, the Slim Shady Baetis 5.0, is testament to his understanding.

When I asked Juan about his Slim Shady 5.0, he shared the following thoughts with me.  “The Slim Shady 5.0 was a pattern that I worked on for several years before I finally found the right material to set it apart from other great patterns that already existed.   It took several versions, but I finally settled on a pattern that utilized a “secret” material.  “Slim Rib” is a micro stretch material that I use to make a wonderful segmentation on this pattern.  No one else is using it and that’s what sets this pattern apart from all the other Mayfly Nymph patterns.  The pattern sits on a 200R hook.  The 200R is a hook that is 3x long, giving it a wonderful mayfly shape.  As the name states, it’s a slim pattern, matching the small mayflies in the Southern Rockies as well as elsewhere.  It’s been thoroughly tested on the South Platte, Animas, Piedra, Dolores and Arkansas Rivers and has accounted for some really fine fish for my clients and me. “

While proper presentation is integral on highly pressure water, accuracy of imitation is also beneficial.  Ramirez’s Slim Shady Baetis 5.0 nails down the latter, leaving you to take care of the former.  If you’re a frequent flyer on highly pressured trout water, the Slim Shady deserves a slot in your box.

Watch the video and learn to tie the Slim Shady Baetis.

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