Shrimp Part 2: Cannula Shrimp

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Photo Herman deGala

By Herman deGala

This fly came about because I was changing out my cannula for my oxygen when I noticed that it looked like a shrimp.

At the time I was also working out a grass shrimp pattern that a friend had asked me to take a look at for those double digit o’io(bonefish) from my home in Hawai’i. I adapted my technique for crimping the abdomen with a heated pair of hemostats from my mysis shrimp and just increase its scale.

You can purchase cannulas off of the web get them from a friend who is on oxygen. As for me I’ll have a lifetime supply.

Watch the video and learn to tie deGala’s Cannula Shrimp.


Herman deGala

Signature Fly Designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. /

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One thought on “Shrimp Part 2: Cannula Shrimp

  1. Wow. Really very interesting. I enjoyed watching you put this together. That was quite the art project. I’m going to attempt this at least once

    I can hear the guys in my club now, “They do look like they’re going to catch some fish and I would imagine bass fisherman and salt water guys will really love them. I can imagine someone adding a micro-spinner blade to this shrimp and have even greater fish attracting ability. Is this fly tying or lure making? Guess it doesn’t really matter anymore how can this really be much different than tying a San Juan worm?”

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