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This weeks Saturday Shoutout goes to Fly Anglers Online.

This website is dear to my heart because I’ve been visiting it for well over a decade. I’ve learned a great deal about the sport of fly fishing and its contributed immensely to my love of fly tying. Don’t be turned off by its old school appearance. Just about every subject in fly fishing can be found on this website, but what makes this website so special are its gracious contributors. All of which solely volunteer their time and information in the effort to prosper and grow the sport of fly fishing. Take the legendary Al Campbell for example, who passed away from incurable brain cancer in 2005. He alone contributed over 150 step by step fly patterns and many articles for fly fishing and rod building.

  • Have you ever wanted to know how to die your own fly tying materials?
  • Looking for hundreds of step by step fly tying patterns both saltwater and freshwater?
  • Wanting to pick the brain of legends and guides in the sport?

You’ll find all of these topics and a boat load more on Fly Anglers Online. Below are some helpful links since the navigation can be tricky because of the large size of the website.

Al Campbell – Articles & Fly Patterns (Step by Step)

Fly Anglers Online – Article Archives

Fly Of The Week – Archives 1997-2010

Fly Tying Tips 

Fly Dying Tying Materials

Kent Klewein
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2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Shoutout / Fly Anglers Online

  1. Nice “Shoutout” Kent- FAOL is a great site with bottomless info about our sport. I have spent a substatial amount of time there over the years also.

    • Sayre,

      I knew someone out there appreciated this site as much as I do, ha. Thanks for your comment. Hope others check ot out as well. The more you dig in the more you see how much info is there, especially fly tying.


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