Reece’s Surface Assassin

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

For many fly fishers there is nothing more enchanting that watching trout sip emerging insects from the water’s surface.

This allure can often lead to frustration without the proper pattern and presentation.  While the fly fisher is responsible for presentation, Reece’s Surface Assassin is the appropriate pattern.

Both emerging mayflies and caddis flies display some common characteristics when viewed from below.  A smooth shelled abdomen along with the husky remains of gills, legs and antennae dangle below the surface film.  Simultaneously the glistening exoskeleton and compressed wings of the “new” insect emerge on the water’s surface.  Reece’s Surface Assassin, in its wide array of colors, effectively displays this combination of traits to feeding trout.

When fishing this pattern I typically use it as a solo dry.  However, in heavy emergences I do rig two Assassins as double dries.  I always connect them eye to eye using a non-slip mono loop knot to attach each fly.  This allows them to move naturally on the surface of the water.  Regardless of the option I use a minimum of a twelve foot long flouro carbon leader.

Being proactive instead of reactive often produces greater results.   Plan for those magic moments filled with freshly shucked insects and finicky fish. Add the Surface Assassin to your dry fly assortment.

Watch this video and tie Reece’s Surface Assassin.

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5 thoughts on “Reece’s Surface Assassin

  1. Hey Bob,

    I really would appreciate seeing a picture of how you rig two Assassins as double dries connecting them eye to eye using a non-slip mono loop knot to attach each fly.



  2. Hi Bob,
    Would you please explain the use of a flouro carbon leader? Doesn’t it’s sinking quality pull the flies down from the surface?


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