Reece’s Stepchild Stone

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

The title of stonefly conjures up images of gargantuan aquatic insect life.

This is true for several species in the late reaches of their life.  However, their more petite partners and developmental stages should not be overlooked when filling your fly box.

Stonefly nymphs in the smaller sizes of 12-16 are available throughout the year in freestone streams and rivers.  This fact led me to create this pattern.  The Stepchild is a smaller variation of my Rolling Stone.   Its combination of reduced size and mottled beads make it an ideal candidate for clear water conditions. The slim abdomen and double dose of tungsten plummet this bug to the desired depth.

When fishing this pattern, I use it as the anchor point in my nymphing setup.  This holds true whether I’m using an indicator rig or tight line set up.  The Stepchild Stone also works wonderfully as a dropper in sizes 14 and 16.  I always connect it using the non-slip mono loop knot.   This provides the fly with a more natural range of movement during its drift.

As you look to enhance your nymphing arsenal, remember the smaller stones.  Add Reece’s Stepchild to your selection.  Its accurate aesthetics and function produce rock solid results.

Watch the video and learn to tie Reece’s Stepchild Stone.

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