Reece’s Masterpiece Midge

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Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

From still to moving waters, members of the Chironomidae family abound.  

As a result of this, they are frequently found on the dietary menu of trout.   Having a diverse selection of imitations for this family of insects can greatly increase your chances of connecting with fish. 

Natural Chironomids consistently display a degree of translucency.  In an effort to imitate this element, the outer body of the Masterpiece Midge is constructed of clear stretch tubing.   In an underlying foundation, Veevus Body Quil is laid down to provide color and a slight degree of reflectivity.  The combination of these two materials creates a powerful subsurface effect.  When submerged, the clear tubing catches light and returns a glowing mottled coloration reflected from the body quil.  In addition to this, the perfect segmentation created by the tubing, accurately imitates the natural while providing a high level of durability.  

The wing buds are a prominent feature of a Chironomidae Pupae. 

In imitation of this, MFC Sexi Floss is applied.  This spandex material has a slight degree of reflectivity.  Coating this element with UV clear coat creates an accurately translucent and durable imitation.  

The bead on this pattern is one size below what is recommended for the hook.  This creates a more natural profile in mimicry of the actual insect.  Using colored beads that match the body, furthers this effect.  In compliment to the bead, is Lafontaine’s Sparkle Yarn.  This supple, tri lobal yarn, imitates gills while adding  a slight sheen and movement in the water.  

When fishing Reece’s Masterpiece Midge on still waters, I rig in suspended underneath an indicator at the depth that I’m targeting.  I will often run two of them, one foot apart when in search of a productive feeding level in the water column.  For moving water I also present the pattern under an indicator.  My most frequent setup for this is attaching the pattern, using a tag, one foot above my Glow Worm. 

Fish-to-net success is partly dependent upon the pattern you choose to present.  While there are a plethora of patterns available, they are not all equally productive.  As you look to diversity your midge selection, add the Masterpiece.   This highly effective and durable fly will help increase your odds of success.  

Watch the video and learn to tie Reece’s Masterpiece Midge.

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