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By Bob Reece

Unlimited creativity is my favorite aspect of fly tying. 

With the constant influx of new tying materials, the possible combinations for creating successful patterns increases.  In addition to this, the construction of many new materials simplifies the tying process needed to create equally, if not more productive flies. 

Throughout the Rocky Mountain region, water has recently returned to a liquid state.  Ice off on my regional still waters in one of my favorite seasonal fishing events.  Regardless of the time of year, big and ugly is often a great way to go when selecting Stillwater patterns.  This element seems to be especially true for the first few weeks following the thaw on most lakes. 

In the still waters that I guide on dragon fly nymphs are a prevalent food source for trout.  The largest of the species in these waters grow to just past two inches in length as fully developed nymphs.  In an effort to imitate these types of food sources, I created the J.T.T. streamer.  I typically tie the pattern in tan, black and olive. 

By using just the tip of a dragon tail, the patterns produces a substantial profile with supple movement.  The R Distribution Lively Crustacean Legs brush, makes for an easy finish to the pattern that provides additional profile and movement.  Most importantly is the hook that this pattern is founded on.  The Owner Mosquito hook is constructed with an offset point and a short shank.  These two factors turn the odds in the anglers favor with regard to hooking and holding fish.  

When fishing this pattern I typically use a clear intermediate sinking line.  Attached to the line I run a nine foot leader and two feet of tippet to a total length of eleven feet.  As with all flies that I fish, I attach it with a non-slip mono loop knot.  This knot provides exceptional strength and allows the fly to move freely.

As you move into another Stillwater season, ease your tying burden and increase your productivity.  Spin up a half dozen J.T.T. streamers.   This simple creation will help bring more fish to your net and smiles to your face. 

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