Reece’s Big Bandit

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

The combination of simplicity and effectiveness are appreciated by many fly tiers.

Constructed from three major body materials, the Big Bandit epitomizes this concept.  Its simple construction eases the time invested in the tying process while its effectiveness on the water justifies a place in your streamer box.

In the world of double articulated streamers, the Big Bandit is a mid-sized model.  Its profile effectively imamates creek chubs, young sucker fish, shiners and more.   The ingredients of rabbit strips, MFC Sexi-Floss and Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber; create a realistic and reflective pattern.  Capped off with a Fly Men Fish Mask, this streamer has the capability to match numerous bait fish species and subsequently draw large fish.

Long shanked hooks have frequently been used in the creation of streamer patterns. 

While they may not impact the effectiveness of the fly in in terms of takes, they do reduce the likelihood of fish-to-net success.  The foundation at the heart of this pattern helps to turn the odds in the angler’s favor.  Owner Mosquito hooks are designed with a short shank and offset hook point.  The short shank reduces the leverage that the fish can apply during the fight.  This reduction in leverage also reduces the chance of the hook coming lose.  In addition to this, the offset point increases the likelihood of connecting with the fish on the set.

I’ve never spoken to a fly fisher that is opposed to bringing more large fish to net.

As long as you as you fall into that category, the Big Bandit should find its way to the foam lining of your streamer box.  Mix and match the material colors of this pattern to the norms of your local waters and begin reaping the rewards.

Watch the video and learn to tie Reece’s Big Bandit.

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