Reece’s 307

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

Change can be challenging.  It can also be highly productive.

Through its simple construction and subtle adjustment of beads, Reece’s 307 avoids the strife while providing productivity.

My design for this pattern was to create a buggy and durable alternative to my typical bead head selection.  The synthetic materials that I chose for the body along with the Plummeting tungsten beads, in mottled colorations, made this possible.   The back end of the fly begins with a Flouro Fiber tail that leads to a wire filled stretch tubing abdomen.  Ostrich herl and Ice Dub layer to form the buggy foundation of the thorax that is overlaid with a Thin Skin Wing Case.  All of these elements combine to create the vulnerable profile of a transitioning insect.  The naturally mottled tungsten bead provides the needed weight to get down while stepping away from typical metallic asthetics.

When fishing this pattern I often use it as a solo dropper for my dry dropper rigs.  During non hatch periods I rig it two feet below my chosen dry.  If hatch activity picks up I often raise my 307 to six inches below the surface riding fly.  Indicator rigs also provide a happy home for this pattern.  I typically run it as the highest fly in the setup above a Rolling Stone or Glo Worm.

Become a fan of buggy and outside the box.  Throw a change up into your nymphing selection with Reece’s 307.  It may be just what you need to close out your season on a high note.

Watch the video and learn to tie Reece’s 307!

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