Matt McCannel’s Neon Nightmare

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Photo by Bob Reese

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

When connecting a person and a fish is the foundation of your job, the fly that you use matters.

The pattern design as well as the hook that it’s founded upon must both deliver. As a Sage Ambassador, Simms Ambassador, head guide for Rigs Fly Shop and Umpqua Signature Fly Designer, Matt McCannel has built a career out of successfully hooking clients into significant fish. During his journey to this point in his career, Matt has created several highly productive trout flies. One of his most recent creations is the Neon Nightmare Midge.

IMG_2869As a guide in Ridgeway, Colorado, Matt often works on technical tail waters. He needed a midge pattern that incorporated Pink and Orange. This motivation led to the creation of the Neon Nightmare. The incorporation of those colors into a realistic profile has proven itself at catching even the most finicky trout. Its foundation of the Tiemco 2488H hook makes it possible to land those same fish. I carry a dozen of each color in sizes 18-22 on all of my tail water trips. This simple and effective tie should be a new addition to any serious fly fisher’s box.

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3 thoughts on “Matt McCannel’s Neon Nightmare

  1. Thanks for this one. An easy tie and I can see these working well in off-color water in my home river here in VT, plus in the clear water in the fall, especially for spawning brookies that seem to like flashy small flies.

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