Loon UV Infiniti Light Video Review

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By Bob Reece

The ease of working with UV resins is largely determined by the quality of light that is applied to cure them.  

As an Umpqua fly designer and guide, I spend a large amount of time throughout the year behind the vise.   Due to the fact that I’ve incorporated UV resin into several of my patterns, I’ve put to use a wide variety of lights.  

A couple months ago I was setting out my tying tools at a fly shop a few hours from home in preparation for a tying demo.  During the setup, I came to realize that the AA batteries in my UV light were dead.  Looking around the tying table, I caught sight of a Loon UV flash light.  I picked it up and was happy to find that it turned on.  I was immediately impressed by the width and intensity of the UV light beam that it produced.  

Without any other options, I put the light to work during the demo and was blown away by how quickly it cured my UV resin.  It wasn’t until the demo was over that I noticed the USB port in the side of the light.   Loon hit a home run with the addition of this element, providing a rechargeable UV light for fly tiers.  Upon returning home, I purchased the light and have used it extensively over the past couple months.   Although it is rechargeable, its battery life is substantial and does not require frequent charging. 

I’m a huge believer in the importance of efficiency.  With the busyness of life, I need to be able to make the most of my tying endeavors.  The consistent performance of Loon’s Infinity UV Light has helped me make the most of my time behind the vise. 

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One thought on “Loon UV Infiniti Light Video Review

  1. I have several UV lights. Three years ago I bought the Loon Mega and I am happy with the results.

    I’ll keep the Loon UV Infinity Light in mind though.


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