Look At The Body On That Thingamabobber

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I use Thingamabobber’s almost exclusively these days for my nymph fishing. They seem to cast easier for my novice anglers than traditional synthetic fiber strike indicators, and I don’t have to load them down with fly floatant. Westwater Products caught my attention this year at the ITFD show, introducing their Thingamabody product line with 61 different colors.  That’s right, now you can tie some killer fly patterns with the super buoyant and waterproof Thingamabody. I really think this is a great idea, and it proves that Westwater Products continues to think outside the box, catering to fly fisherman with their innovative product development team approach.

Thingamabody by Westwater Products

We’ll be trying these guys out the first week in September in Wyoming and we’ll follow up with you on how they work.

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