Lighting The Way

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

I leaned forward to check the UV coat that I had just applied to my finished fly. 

The quick searing pain in my fore head reminded me that I had come too far.  This was the last straw for me, the desk lamp that I had owned since college was on its way out.  Along with its propensity to heat up, I had no idea how much my favorite lamp was adversely impacting the quality of my tying.  

Having quality lighting at your fly tying station is essential for making the most of your time.   Since my sentimental departure with my first tying light, I’ve embraced the use of natural spectrum lights.  The two lights that I currently tie with are produced by the Ott Light company.  The larger desk top model uses a bulb.  Conversely the smaller and more portable model uses LED lighting.  Both lights produce almost no heat. 

More importantly than the reduction of heat is what these lights do for the eyes of tier.  Fly tying is one of the most strenuous activities with regard to eye strain.  Tying lights that produce light within the natural spectrum greatly reduce this stress.  This helps to create a more positive tying experience and also allows for longer tying sessions.  

In addition to a lack ocular discomfort, this genre of lights helps the tier to more accurately see the colors of the materials that they are using.   That accuracy can help the tier create a more effective imitation.   More effective imitations help lead to an improvement in fish-to-net success.    

If you’re looking to grow as a fly tier, consider your lighting situation.  Little adjustments can sometimes lead to significant improvements.  Upgrading to a lamp that produces light in the natural spectrum will help to increase of comfort and quality of your time spent behind the vise. 

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4 thoughts on “Lighting The Way

  1. Been trying with a full spectrum light for about 10 years. Two warnings. First, limit your tying time. I’ve found that continuous exposure to natural frequencies will.keep you awake at night. Second, the light will cure your UV resin.

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