How Much Money Is Your Fly Tying Stash Worth?

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Flipping through the latest issue of Sky Mall Magazine waiting for my flight to depart to Jackson, WY last week, I came across this women’s accessory fashion ad. Tonytail Company Inc. sells three hackle feathers 5-10″ long for a whopping $14.95 plus shipping! After seeing this, it made we wonder how much money my fly tying stash was actually worth. Let me think, well I’ve got around 2 1/2 dozen saddles in various colors, with each conservatively having around 125 usable feathers….let me get the calculator out. If my calculations are correct my hackle feathers are worth around $18,687 in the fashion world, holy crap! I feel like I got a real bargain now buying them for $40-60 a piece in the fly shop. Thank goodness I don’t have to purchase my feathers from these guys.

The Good News  (You saw it here first)

On the other hand, my twin sister Julie, is a fashion queen who’s always managed to stay two steps ahead in the fashion world her entire life. She says the feather in the hair gig is already on its way out. Her clue to this she said, “When I saw Tori Spelling’s four year old son wearing quail feather extensions in his hair on TV, I knew the feather fad had lost it’s coolness. Fly tiers will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon, because feathers in the hair is just a short lived fashion trend”.

Let’s hope my sister is right. For real though, what’s next, are we going to see Krystal Flash and Flashabou extensions walking down the street? I wouldn’t doubt it. You better load up on these fly tying materials before the price of them sky rocket just like hackle feathers have.

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