Higa’s S.O.S Baetis

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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

It’s about time for baetis.

As we move into the months of fall, water temperatures begin to drop along with the activity of insect life.  While the larger mayfly moments of summer are gone, the always important baetis remain.  Nymphing success during these late season months can often be found with a high quality imitation of these micro mays.

Long time guide, Spencer Higa knows what it takes to consistently produce fish for his clients in all conditions.  His expertise is evident in the creation of his S.O.S baetis nymph.  Its crisp profile and resulting productivity have earned it a permanent niche in bins and boxes around the country.  Additionally, its ease of creation has helped it to find favor in the vises of tiers around the country.

Not all nymph patterns induce a sense of assurance in the minds of anglers. Confidence in the patterns that you fish often results in greater success on the water.  If you’re in search of a baetis pattern to believe in, let the S.O.S serve as your savior.

Watch the video and learn to tie the S.O.S Baetis.

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2 thoughts on “Higa’s S.O.S Baetis

  1. I have used this pattern for awhile now but have always used holographic tinsel instead of floss and lately have replaced the pheasant tail fibers with black squirrel tail fibers, as they add a much higher degree of durability to the fly.

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