Halfback Nymph in High Water

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Half Back Nymph Pattern. Photo By: Louis Cahill

Looking for a great high water nymph pattern that will consistently fool trout?

Try tying on a halfback nymph, it’s an oldie but goodie that has produced big fish for me countless times over the years. The buggy profile of the halfback nymph does a great job of imitating a large variety of aquatic insects, and it’s large size is easy for trout to spot quickly in fast water. This nymph pattern screams “I’m a big juicy morsel, Come eat me”.

I always have at least a half dozen of these guys in my fly box. I often use the halfback nymph as my lead fly in my tandem nymph rig, and tie a 16-24″ piece of tippet off the bend of the hook with a smaller dropper nymph. You can also try substituting the standard peacock herl underbody with a more flashy dubbing material when fishing dingy water conditions. It will add more attraction value and make the pattern easier for fish to spot.

Hook Size: 8-14
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tail: Pheasant-Tail
Ribbing: Palmered Brown Saddle Hackle from abdomen to throax
Abdomen: Peacock Herl with Pheasant-tail folded over back
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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