Dunnigan’s Panty Dropper Nymph

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Photo by Bob Reese

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

Dunnigan’s P.D. Nymph is a trout magnet.

As I’ve moved further into my fly tying and fishing journey, I’ve been blessed to meet some outstanding people.  Casey Dunnigan happens to be one of them.  A skilled welder by trade, his ability to create with his hands is evident in his fly tying as well.

Casey’s inspiration for designing his Panty Dropper (P.D.) nymph pattern, came as a result of extensive time collecting live specimens.  He wanted a highly accurate P.M.D. imitation that combined realistic traits, like the fibbett antennae, with enough subtle flash to set it apart from the underwater mix.  The enlarged wing case of the pattern is perhaps its most dynamic characteristic.  This element was included to parallel the distended state of that feature in naturals as they near emergence.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this pattern a few years ago when I traded Casey a dozen of my Beefcake Beetles for equal amount of his P.D. nymphs. The dozen that I received were size sixteens.  Casey typically ties and carries the range of eighteen to fourteen.   It was late summer when we made this exchange.   In the weeks that followed I spent several days on a few of my favorite steams throughout Wyoming and Colorado.  I was blown away by the effectiveness of this pattern as it produced multiple days of more than thirty fish to my net.

Every once in a while a pattern comes along that truly sets itself apart from others.  I firmly believe Dunnigan’s Panty Dropper to be one of those.  This highly accurate imitation turns fish at level that I’ve seldom seen.  Whether you tie or buy, take the time to add this bug to your nymphing arsenal this year.

Watch this video and learn to tie Dunnigan’s P.D. Nymph.

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