DeGala’s Hula Damsel

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Photo by Herman DeGala

Photo by Herman DeGala

By Herman deGala

A  damselfly pattern with a sweet, dancing action.

It’s the time of year when the rivers and creeks around Colorado are blown out because of run-off but the weather is just gorgeous. What is a body to do? Of course, you could head to some tailwater. Until you get there and find everyone thought the same thing.

Or you could head to your nearby lake or pond. It’s all filled up. You can see dragonflies and damsels dancing in midair. You might even see a bass come up and just crush a dragonfly as it drops its eggs.

This Hula Damsel is my favorite pattern for this time of year. It is articulated to give it an extra bit of movement as you strip it through the water. It dives when you pause, which is a definite trigger.

I typically fish this along the shore along the reeds and weed line with an intermediate line. It sinks very slowly and stays in the feed zone as you strip, strip, pause.

Watch the video and learn to tie DeGala’s Hula Damsel.

Herman DeGala

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2 thoughts on “DeGala’s Hula Damsel

  1. Hello,
    Perhaps this fly (?) works… But I wonder if this pattern is not a démonstration to use every fly tying materials…!
    GErard From Normandy (France)

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