deGala’s CDC Callibaetis

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By Herman deGala

A new twist on a classic trout pattern.

In escrima, Filipino Martial Arts, we have what is called a “Colonial Mentality”. For years escrima languished in obscurity in the Philippines while martial arts from other countries grew and became very popular. It hasn’t been until the last 15 years that escrima has come in to the limelight and become cool again.

Like everyone, I love seeing the new flies as they come out. The innovative use of materials and technique has been amazing. With better access to quality materials and the proliferation of technique videos on the web, there’s no telling where this can go.

But the old stuff still works and works well. Below is a video of my most productive fly for callibaetis. I’ve updated the hook and changed the bead to tungsten, but it is still that same old pattern. In rust, it mimics the larval instar stage of the callibaetis and the point at which it is most vulnerable in its development. Fished on a stillwater line and stripped in six inch bursts toward shore, it’s a morsel of food the trout can’t ignore.

Take a look into the corners of your boxes and pull out that fly that netted you over 60 fish in one day. Sure, tie it on one of those sexy jig hooks. Add one of those tungsten beads with the distressed paint job. You’ll find what was once old has become new again.

Watch the video and learn to tie deGala’s CDC Callibaetis


Herman deGala

Signature Fly Designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants. /

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