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By Bob Reece

A firm foundation for your vise is critical to the success of your fly tying efforts. 

This is especially true for tiers who use pedestal bases.  For years I have searched for one that gave my vise true stability.  I finally found one that delivers that and much more.  

We all have our opinions about social media.  One huge benefit of this technological element is being able to discover new products that might otherwise go unnoticed.  A couple months ago I happened upon a post that consisted of one picture.  It showed a nicely machined pedestal base and tool caddy.   It was evident from the picture how wide the base was in comparison the vise.  It wasn’t until I received mine in the mail that I realized how effective and well made it was.   The eight by ten inch base is machined out of 6061 aluminum and weighs in at a hearty five and half pounds.  This alone was enough to make me fall in love with this product.  The stability provided by this platform is nothing short of amazing and has brought a new sense of comfort and confidence to my tying.  

In addition to its weight, the design of this base functions well and makes sense.   At the front of the base sit three machined pockets for holding beads and hooks.  Their depth provides enough room to hold large quantities of each.    The center pocket contains a Neodymium magnet that will hold onto hook, beads or small children holding silver ware in the next room.  The tool caddy displays an additional three pockets that provide more recessed storage for additional hooks and materials.  In front of the caddy and behind the base pockets, sits a cork pad that provides grip for any slippery materials.  

Along the outer edges of the base and caddy are machined holes.  Some of these hold pins that provide a catch for thread, wire and other materials on spools.  The pins can be removed from the holes and moved around, allowing for personalized setup.  The remaining holes provide storage for bobbins, hackle pliers, scissors and other essential tying tools.  

Far more important than the existence of these elements is their location. 

All of the above aspects are located in areas that don’t crowd or impede the tiers hands during the tying process.  The importance of that factor cannot be overstated.  

If you’re looking for an exceptional pedestal base for your tying vise, CE Tech Innovations has created it.  From the foothills of North Carolina comes a product that will be on my tying table for years to come.  The well thought out design and construction of this product will have a positive impact of the tying experience for any and all tiers that put it to use. 


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2 thoughts on “CE Tech Innovations Pedestal Base

  1. Bob…. Great find!

    Seems a lot of thought is put into most vises, with little to the base and its usefulness. CE Tec gets it!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

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