Umpqua’s Bandolier, Just What You Need

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

By Louis Cahill

The more I fish, the less I want to carry, and the Bandolier fishing pack from Umpqua makes it easy to carry just what you need and nothing else.

The bandolier is one of Umpqua’s new Zero Sweep packs, which feature slick, anti-snag design. These durable fishing packs are beautifully designed and keenly functional. They have the features you need and nothing you don’t to get in the way. The Bandolier is the smallest pack in the line and my personal favorite.

It’s designed to work as either a sling pack or wist pack and does both well. It’s made for the angler who knows what they need and keeps things simple. It’s light weight and stays out of the way. The materials and construction and very good and it dries quickly. Best of all, you can wear it all day without knowing it’s there.

The main compartment easily holds 2 large fly boxes. There are 2 side compartments for accessories, which are large enough to hold a trout reel. There are 6 internal pockets, one zippered, for organization and a lanyard for keys or whatever you like. The space is well organized and everything is in sight when you open the pack. No digging for lost tackle.

There are 4 Zero Sweep tool docks on the front of the pack.

Screen-Shot-2016-06-22-at-10.45.30-AMThe 2 on the outsides accommodate zingers. You can also use elastic cords or rubber bands to keep nippers and other tools in their pockets. The 2 center docks hold hemostats or similar tools. These docking stations perform as advertised. They keep tools at hand, while keeping them from grabbing your line or catching on brush. A cord hidden in a velcro pocket up front holds tippet spools for easy access.

The drying patch on this and other new Umpqua packs is a huge upgrade. The foam patches are now removable, replaceable and interchangeable. they attach with velcro and have tabs which nest in Zero Sweep pockets making a smooth profile. There are a total of 10 webbing loops for clipping other items. The pack is completely ambidextrous.

Whether you’re out for a day on the river or the flats, this little pack has you covered without breaking your back or your bank account. The $69.99 price tag makes it easy to own, especially for a pack that will last for many years.

Get yours HERE.

Here’s a video showing some of the Bandolier’s features.

Louis Cahill
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10 thoughts on “Umpqua’s Bandolier, Just What You Need

  1. Not cheap at $70 but every at the end of every summer I buy no-tech, mass-produced in China, no-brand backpacks for my kids for school, and they’re always at least $60-$70.

    Every time I look at a sling-type pack I get excited at the minimalist aspect, but then I remember I need to attach my net to something when I fish for trout…

  2. Looks like a great pack for wading, especially on the flats. Umpqua says you can use it a waist pack too. most of the time, if I’m not fishing from a boat, 2 large or 3 small to medium fly boxes and the other essentials is all I need, and this pack should accommodate them easily.

  3. You say it costs $69.99 in your article, but the video above clearly states $79.99 retail. What’s the real price?

  4. How to the forceps stay in the pocket? There’s no strap or snap to keep ’em in there….
    Looks like they just slide in….and thus….would just slide out.


  5. I use a regular backpack when I go fishing. It holds everything I need for the day including a cold drink and light snack. I started using one when I needed to carry everything down to a reservoir boat that has to be left on sight. I just didnt have enough hands to carry everything in one trip, necessity is the mother of innovation.

  6. Just saw this bag in a shop in W Yellowstone…. There’s no button or strap or fastener of any kind holding the forceps in the sideways mystery pocket….. So again…. How do they stay in?


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