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Photo by Bob Reece

Photo by Bob Reece

By Bob Reece

Between my guiding and personal days I spend an extensive amount of time each year on the water.

Throughout these adventures there is nothing that disheartens me more than losing flies or a fly box.  Whether tied or purchased my flies are an essential part of my on-the-water success.

During my years on the water I’ve dropped, broken and drowned several boxes.  As a result of these experiences I’ve become a little OCD when selecting my portable fly containers.   If I turn lose a box to the force of gravity; it needs to remain intact, hold my flies and prevent water from entering.  After spending considerable time on the water with them, I’ve found that the new Umpqua Pro Guide fly boxes meet these criteria. 

UPGboxbI was happy to have them but reinserting flies dislodged by a drop always irritated me.  In a positive move forward, Umpqua has left the foam inserts behind and moved on to a rubberized interior that locks down flies of all sizes and weights.   In addition to this, these firmly constructed boxes handled my unintended collisions with ice, pavement and boulders.  This left a smile on my face in comparison to the formers sounds of shattering plastic and images of disappearing flies. 

While not all of the new UPG boxes are waterproof, the HD portion of the series provide a serious hydrological barrier.  When I first went to open one of these, I was immediately impressed by firm hold of the clasp.    This quality design ensures that water remains outside of the case even when colliding with rocks if it happens to take a swim downstream.      

As fly fishers we have many differentiated preferences.  While those inclinations may vary, our dependence on flies does not.  Regardless of your chosen size and style of bug, Umpqua has created a series of boxes that will keep them secured and dry throughout your on-the-water adventures. 

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One thought on “Umpqua Pro Guide Fly Boxes

  1. Boy, does this ring a bell! I lost a fly box once in a river, while on a trip to the Smokies. Upon getting back to the rental house later, I got a surprise. One of the guys handed me the fly box and said, “I believe this is yours.” He had been a good half-mile downstream from me, and saw the box float past several people. He said when he opened it, he knew right away that they were mine, without any markings on the box. Style and choices, being the clues. It’s inconvenient having all our stuff tied on, but dumb not to do so.

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