Umpqua Mini Lt Fly Boxes

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By Bob Reece

While some people love large fly boxes, others prefer a reduced footprint. 

In acknowledgement of this, Umpqua has created their line of Mini UPG LT fly boxes.  These downsized homes for your flies are the perfect complement to their larger counterparts.

For the time that I spend on the water each year, durability is a top priority for me when selecting fly boxes.  More often than not, I forget to roll or zip my pack shut.  As a result of this my fly boxes often take unintended trips to the sand, gravel and rocks below.  In the past, I’ve had several boxes fail to withstand this test by partially or completely shattering on impact.  Even with their petite size, my Mini LT boxes have survived my intended and unintended impact tests without damage. 

  Equally important to its external durability, is a fly boxes grip of the goods.  With the fly boxes that I’ve had in the past, a firm drop or a day spent bouncing around in my pack resulted in dislodged flies.  As a guide my flies are an essential element of my client’s success.   I need a box that holds them safely in pace, whether they’re in my pack or reaching the bottom of a trip to the ground below.  The new Umpqua Mini boxes have proven themselves in both of these aspects.  

Lastly and maybe most importantly are the benefits of their size. 

Depending on where and when you fish, you may not need a large fly box.  In Wyoming where I live, we are currently in the depths of winter.   The majority of tail water flies that I use are small in size.  As a result, I’m able to fit all that I need for a day on the water into the smaller space of the Mini LTs.  Additionally, their size is beneficial for short term trips as well as long distance treks.  For those that are blessed to live near water where it’s possible to blend an hour or two of fishing into a regular day, the Mini LT’s are perfect.  Their small size allows them to be slid comfortably into a shirt pocket when a day’s worth of gear is not needed.   As an avid backpacker, I also value reduced weight and size.  The spectrum of Mini LT boxes with allow me to carry the flies that I need for my backcountry trips, while reducing the weight that I have to haul in my pack.

  Whether you’re a smaller by preference angler or just looking to compliment your bigger containers, Umpqua’s Mini LT boxes are the answer.  Their exceptional strength and grip ensure that your investments behind the vise or from the fly shop are protected.   Their size helps you make the most of your space and efforts.  

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