The New CCFX2 Fly Reel From Nautilus

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The New CCFX2 From Nautilus

The New CCFX2 From Nautilus

I’m pretty brand loyal when it comes to fly reels. I have lots of different brands of rod but only a couple of names show up on my reels. Nautilus is one of them.

Quality is important in any gear you use but when it comes to reels, it’s really important. “A fly reel is just a line holder!” How many times have you heard that BS? Ask the guy who’s fighting the fish of a lifetime how he wants his line held. “Very carefully!” will likely be his answer. Fly reels take a lot of punishment and we expect them to perform flawlessly, every time. It pays to buy quality.

Nautilus reels are known for quality. While they aren’t the most expensive reel on the market, they aren’t cheep. The new CCFX2 reel was designed to bridge the gap between performance and price. It sports many of the features of the high end Nauties at a price that won’t make you grimace.

In this video Kristen Mustad shows off the features of the new CCFX2 fly reel.

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Louis Cahill
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6 thoughts on “The New CCFX2 Fly Reel From Nautilus

  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like a fine reel. I agree, Louis, that a reel is not just a line-holder. In my early days as a fly fisherman, I had a brand-name reel self-destruct during a blazing downstream run on the Upper Talarik in AK by what would have been at the time the biggest rainbow I every caught . By virtue of losing the fish, it was relegated to “the biggest trout I ever hooked” for a number of years. I also spent the rest of the day with back-up equipment because my reel was toast.

  2. I remember when I first got into fly fishing I was told the same think about a reel. I took the advice of the guy behind the counter and paid up more money for a rod and bought a cheap reel. Initially when I first began I was fishing for bluegill and bass, so in big deal. As I got into trout fishing, however, it became more evident that the fly reel is just as important, if not more important in a lot of circumstances. Great video on the new reel. It looks sweet and I’m sure it will be a great one to own when they come out. The Nautilus reputation is only getting better with time.

  3. Go with you on that one. There’s something about a Nautilus reel out of Miami that creates a loyal following. From their small freshwater to their serious saltwater they make a damn fine reel. I have no doubt there are some other great reel manufacturers, but I’m a bit of a Nautilus fan.

    Also have to admit on smaller streams and rivers the flyreel was a “lineholder’ for me, but the message gets driven home on bigger salmonids and unquestionably in the sea. Like a rod buy the best reel you can afford.

  4. I went from all the best(?) reels like Abel and Bauer to simple click-and-pawl reels like the Hardy Lightweight series, Orvis CFO and Sage 500 series (made by Hardy) some 10 years ago.

    For trout fishing on rivers and streams some additional palming when needed does the job.

    I can understand that for tropical saltwater fishing etc. a reel with a reliable drag is a must.

  5. Are they ever going to release these things? I preordered one back in September and was told it would be released late December. It’s now Mid February. I may get a Tibor instead at this point.

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