Simms’ Women’s G3 Guide Waders: Review

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All Photos by Sarah Feiges Glassmeyer

By: Alice Tesar

Simms’ Women’s G3 Guide Waders are a change worth making.

I’m a skeptic for change. I’ve worn my leaky waders for 2 years now because I like the fit and the weight of them. 2 years of settling for cold, wet legs after standing for hours with (dry) clients in the river. I’d patched and re-sealed my waders numerous times but it only held for so long. When I researched my options I’d find myself frustrated that there were limited choices for women’s GORE‐TEX® waders and I wasn’t going to spend $500 on a pair of men’s waders that didn’t fit me. That’s changed now. 

No longer my fellow anglers will you sneak a peak of me changing into dry pants before hopping into the truck on a brisk fall day. The Simms Women’s G3 Guide Wader is 3- layer GORE‐TEX® Pro Shell in the upper body and 4-layer GORE‐TEX® Pro Shell from the butt through the legs. GORE‐TEX® Pro Shell offers durability, breathability, and a fit that allows me to focus on my clients and their catches instead of slopping around in wet wool socks and a garbage bag. 

I’m 5’9” and wear a size 9 1/2 shoe, I wear medium weight socks with my waders and I fit a medium in this Simms Wader. I also run cold (even on clear, summer days I’m wearing my down jacket ’til noon), fitting a heavier layer or two under the waders is not a problem. With the scalloped top opening I don’t feel like all my extra top layers are strangling me. 

I spend plenty of time on the river with my 1-year-old son in a backpack, the low profile wading belt and loops don’t catch on the backpack or my fishing pack, which I wear reversed. The suspender straps are 1.5” wide and are not overly padded but rather comfortable even with all the extra weight and additional pack straps. 

Converting them to waist waders is quick and I never feel that there is too much bulk around my waist. The practically snag free durable gravel guards make climbing barbed wire or walking through a mixed-bag of river bed material a breeze.  

Investing in these waders will make your life a little easier while untangling snags in trees, tying on flies, and netting fish for yourself, your kids, or your clients.

Get yours here!

Alice Tesar
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “Simms’ Women’s G3 Guide Waders: Review

  1. Nothing like the feeling of wet, cold little fingers going in your ears, hair pulling, slaps, and sometimes even a bit of barf on the back of the neck. All while your bundle of joy laughs hysterically at your antics while reacting to all the stimulation:)

    Just don’t give the little one a stick. Bad idea.

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