Simms G4 Sling Pack Review

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Photo by Blake Helms

Photo by Blake Helms

By Justin Pickett

A few months back I decided to ditch the chest pack that I had carried for so long in favor of a larger, more accommodating sling pack.

I was picky though. I wanted a sling pack that wasn’t ginormous that would be, at least, weather resistant and be well organized, while still allowing me to stuff fly boxes and a camera inside without it bulging at the zippers.

The Simms G4 fit the checklist, and even had a few other bonus features that I hadn’t thought of, but that I have definitely found useful. After trying one on at a local shop, I finally put down the cash and carted it straight to the water.

The G4 Sling boasts a water-shedding, TPU coated nylon that is pretty damn tough. I’ve thrown this thing around without worry for a few months now and there’s barely any evidence of abuse. The zippers are smooth and don’t require Lou Farrigno’s angry muscles to open or close the pack while they keep rain and other elements out. Working around the outside of the pack, I’ve also been very pleased with the Velcro straps that keep the excess straps tucked neatly away so there are nearly zero opportunities for fly line to get snagged. A kind of “bonus” feature for me, there is a net pass-thru on the back of the pack. This is great for keeping your hands free while fishing, taking photographs, tying on a new rig, etc. Be warned though, while I’m sure most nets would fit just fine without insult, the ever-popular, bomb-proof Rising Lunker nets’ knurling on the handle will abrade and wear through the fabric. No fault to either Simms or Rising, but something to certainly be aware of. To round out the exterior, there is also a handy set of buckle straps on the outside of the pack for holding items such as rain jackets and rod tubes.

Working inside of the pack, there are plenty of thoughtful and convenient pockets for storing indicators, tippet, camera equipment, and anything else you may need.

Screen-Shot-2017-06-20-at-2.57.33-PMThe main interior space is ample enough for me to carry four Tacky fly boxes and my DSLR, along with the rest of my terminal tackle. The smaller zippered compartment folds down to provide a small work bench to work from when needed. Included is a Velcro tippet holder, as well as a Velcro floatant/desiccant holder that attaches securely to the wall of the pocket. This pocket is perfect for the smaller things like your license, splitshot, a hook sharpener, and packs of extra leaders.

I’ve been very pleased with my swap to a sling, and even more pleased with the practicality and durability of the Simms G4 Sling. Every feature on this pack was well designed and executed. It is very comfortable to wear, tough and durable, and roomy enough to store all of my gear without being cumbersome. It’s comfy enough that I don’t even think about it while I’m wearing it. The ergonomic strap is padded and allows for plenty of adjustment, and with just a quick snap of a buckle, I can slide the pack around my body and everything that I need is in front of me and readily accessible. If you’re looking to convert to a sling from a different style of pack, or just looking to upgrade your current sling pack, the Simms G4 would be a surefire bet for the angler looking for a do-it-all pack that can take a beating.

Justin Pickett
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