Saturday Shoutout / Tom Bell Rod Testing

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Tom Bell of Sunray Fly Lines is one of a kind.

If you’ve cast Tom’s Sunray Lines, you’re likely a fan. Tom is a kind of a mad scientist and one of the most frenetic individuals I’ve ever met. Spend a few minutes talking with him and you’ll likely wonder what kind of research goes into his remarkable designs. This video might offer an answer.

On the other hand, maybe not, but it’s certainly entertaining and you might actually learn something. Either way, it’s worth a view.

Tom Bell testing rods and offering casting advice.

Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Tom Bell Rod Testing

  1. I love Tom’s videos. I learned as much from his series on casting fiberglass as I have from Rajeff’s and yours! And I bought a Diamondback Meeker glass 2wt because of the vids of him catching massive carp on it.

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