Rising Rigging Station

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Photo by Justin Pickett

Photo by Justin Pickett

By Justin Pickett

Get yourself organizized.

There are plenty of accessories and gadgets on the market that are meant to somehow make your angling experience more convenient, or organized and, recently, I ran into what I would consider the mother of all such accessories.

Rising has fast become a well-known name in the fly fishing world as their bomb-proof, metal framed nets continue to find their way into anglers’ hands across the globe. And while their nets may have put them on the map, Rising has a full line of made-in-the-USA products that are cleverly designed while still providing solid performance at an affordable price. Rising’s Nippa is hands down the best six bucks you’ll spend.

IMG_8652Thanks to Rising, I was able to get my hands on one of their Rigging Stations and, over the past several weeks, it has fast become one of those pieces of gear that I will not leave home without. It’s designed to hold spools of tippet and leader material, nippers, hemostats, pliers, and just about any other small accessory you might need on the water. Best of all, it’s portable and compact! It comes with a mounting bracket that is easily mounted onto your drift boat, truck bed, or the wall of your garage. With four zingers built in to the body of the Rigging Station, there is plenty of reach to work. The bottom of the rigging station can be used as a shelf to keep tools tucked away, and there is a slot that will accommodate a larger set of pliers. Each side of the Rigging Station also has a foam fly patch to stash away flies throughout the day.

The Rigging Station is one of those gadgets that I wish I had several years ago. I placed a wide piece of outdoor Velcro on the back of mine and carry it everywhere. I mount it to my kayak, truck, and the wall of my garage. It’s been so handy that I plan to purchase at least one or two more for both fishing and household duties. Give the Rising Rigging Station a look. It’s simple, compact, and clever design is sure to make rigging up a little easier.

Justin Pickett
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