Hammock Mount, The Ultimate Car Camping Accessory  

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By Louis Cahill

The Hammock Mount let’s you camp anywhere in seconds flat.

I love sleeping outdoors. I love being on the water early. I love camping in my hammock on the bank of the river. I don’t always love the hassle of making all of that happen. Especially when I’m on the road, moving from place to place and trying to maximize my time on the water. The minute I saw the Hammock Mount, I knew it was the solution.

This clever piece of kit allows me to set camp anywhere I can park the truck, in just a few minutes. Just seconds to have my hammock ready to go. I don’t need a camp site. I don’t need level ground, or even trees. I just plug the Hammock Mount into the two inch receiver on my truck, fold out the support arms and I’m done. I can’t imagine an easier or faster way to camp.

It’s pretty simple to clip a tarp off to the roof rack and run a piece of parachute cord between the support arms for wet weather and an inflatable camping pad is great insulation from the cold. I’ll use one sleeping bag under my pad and another over me for a cozy nights sleep when temps are low. 

I still have easy access to gear inside the truck, even with my hammock set up. I can make coffee the night before and leave it in a thermos, waiting for me inside the hatch. It only takes a minute to take down and stow the whole setup before I hit the water. It’s so efficient, I’m tempted to sleep in my waders.

The hammock Mount is made by Mclean Metalworks in Seattle WA.

They are a small and super friendly company with innovative ideas and great customer service. They make a couple of different models, including a Hammock Mount that fits on the wheel of any vehicle. You could theoretically mount up to six hammocks on one vehicle. They also sell hammocks and accessories, including a zip-up bug net, which could be very handy in some spots.

You can check out their online store here.

The Hammock Mount is seriously rugged. I grew up in a machine shop and I have a pretty good grasp on how stuff is made. I can assure you, this thing is made right. The fit and finish is excellent and materials are beefy. I’m a solid 250 pounds and it doesn’t even know I’m there. I feel very confident it will last a lifetime. 

Perfect for relaxing and taking in the view, or serious streamline camping in any location, the Hammock Mount is the coolest piece of gear I’ve run across in some time. If you enjoy the outdoors, and why else would you be reading G&G, you will love the Hammock Mount. 

Look for me in my bright red ENO hammock by a river near you. I’ll be the guy fishing while you’re still driving to the river!

Read more about hammock camping.

“Hammock Camping for Backcountry Adventures”

Watch this video to see how easy it is to setup the Hammock Mount.

Louis Cahill
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