Why Can’t There Be Heated Fly Rods

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How nice would it be to have a heated fly rod to keep this from happening. Photo By: Louis Cahill

I’ve got a special request for Santa Claus this year. Bring me my very own, one of a kind, heated fly fishing rod, damn it! I’m fed up with having to de-ice my guides every other cast during the winter. And how nice would it be to have a heated handle to hold onto all day, to help keep the dexterity in your fingers. Come on, I know I’m not the only person out there that would love to see this become reality.

My good friend Murphy a.k.a. Charlie Murphy, brought this ridiculous but legitimate request to my attention. This guy is so hardcore, he’ll throw rocks into a river frozen over, to break holes so he can cast a fly into them. After talking on the phone about the idea, we both agreed we had to find out the scoop to see if a heated fly rod existed. Murphy volunteered to do some research and here’s what he found. In 1995, someone actually invented and patented, a heated fishing rod.  It’s not a fly rod but damn close, and I’m sure it could be tweaked so a one piece fly rod design would work..

Click the Photos for a larger view, or you can click the link to visit a full size .pdf document of the U.S. Patent.


Heated Fishing Rod – US Patent

Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the fly rod companies out there will read this post and get inspired. I know one thing, if a rod company did manage to bring the heating element to the table, I bet just about every fly fisherman would purchase one. I know I would, hell I’d purchase four at least. That way I’d finally be able to convince my clients to come fishing with me during the winter months, Ha.

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12 thoughts on “Why Can’t There Be Heated Fly Rods

  1. Heated fly rods would be horrible. Frozen guides are part of the reason I enjoy winter fishing so much. It keeps the fair weather fisherman at home and the rivers empty.

  2. Don’t forget Charlie when one of ya’lls rod companies runs with the idea. As compensation I would like to have them name one of the switch rods in honor of me…..something catchy like “The Shocker” or just a small logo of a babies arm holding an apple.


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  4. Love the idea. I had a real problem with this last winter on the Davidson…Nothing like moving a chunk of ice out of the way and seeing a dozen trout swim out from underneath it!

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