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This week for our Saturday Shoutouts we showcase Anglers Tonic with an informative piece from Greg Thomas about his recent fly fishing trip to the Gaspe Peninsula for Atlantic Salmon. Our second read, is an emotional, yet inspiring series of essays written by Wright Thompson about the famous fly rod builder Tom Morgan, who continues to fulfill orders for his high end fly rods with the help of Gerri Carlson, despite battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. Check them out and have a great weekend everyone.

Anglers Tonic – Visits the Gaspe Peninsula for Atlantic Salmon

Greg Thomas talks about his week of “fly fishing heaven” chasing atlantic salmon on the fly at Salmon Lodge in Quebec, Canada.  It’s a great read if you’ve been interested in this trip and you need a little more information to help you pull the trigger. Greg had an unbelievable week of atlantic salmon fishing, landing one fish pushing 40 pounds and several others well over 25 pounds. You’ll find out all the details about where he went and fished, and all the gear he used to land these beauties. I’ve never heard Greg so fired up on the phone about a fishing trip, and he’s fished all over the place.

Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon by Greg Thomas


Can a fly rod really hold the secret of life? In the central Montana mountains, a paralyzed man and his wife are proving the answer just might be yes. Wright Thompson had me glued to my computer screen reading his essays from start to finish. If you take the time to read them, it will inspire you to get on the water and live each day like it’s your last.

Fly Rod Makers Tom Morgan and Gerri Carlson Create Unity in the Universe – by Wright Thomspon

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