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By Bob Reece

As we near the weeks of late summer, fly boxes around the country are falling into disrepair. 

In an effort to remedy this situation for one lucky fly fisher, I’ve partnered up with Gink & Gasoline.  I”ll be giving away one hundred twenty flies to the selected winner.   That mixture of flies will include one dozen of each of the following patterns:


To enter yourself in the drawing, follow both Gink & Gasoline and Thin Air Angler on Instagram.  Then post of picture of the inside of your favorite fly box with the hashtag #restockmybox   The winner will be drawn on August 22nd.  Thank you for taking part and giving us a chance to load you up with some late summer flies!  

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3 thoughts on “Restock My Box Contest

  1. Great contest. How about one for those of us that have zero use and zero interest in social media? If social media is how you guys like to pass your time, great. But I would rather be tossing out a line than having a multi-billion dollar, multinational corporation sell my data to anyone with a few dollars just so I can “like” your picture or inane quote of the day or “cute” cat meme. Is your target audience middle school girls or fly fishing enthusiasts?

    • Social media provides a huge venue for sharing fly tying and fly fishing. A plethora of fly fishing enthusiasts use social media, ranging from the aged to junior high girls. Youre free to use it or not as you see fit. Have a great day.

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