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Gink & Gasoline has been a huge success so far, thanks to all our followers. As a small thank you we’re going to have posts dedicated to giving back to our supporters throughout the year. Today’s post is a photo contest. Be the first to Name the location correctly and you’ll win a copy of American Waters by Peter Kaminsky.

What River Was This Sunset Taken On?

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31 thoughts on “Photo Contest – Name this Spot

  1. is there a guess limit? I thought I had it with Kenai… if there’s no limit, I’ll go with the copper this time, although I’m not sure about motor boats on that river.

    • Chris,

      It’s our first contest and giveaway and it’s more important to G&G that one of our followers guesses correctly. No you are not limited to one guess for the photo contest. Unfortunately, the Copper River is not correct.

      Again everyone, the river is in Alaska. Thanks for all the involvement so far. This is actually pretty fun.


  2. Darn, guess I’ll have to go with the major one, the Yukon. I’ll let other people guess after this so I don’t ruin the fun.

  3. actually can I go with Nushagak River, it reads better…
    Jet-boats are commonly used to access these tributaries and the upper Nushagak. The Iowithla River and the Kokwok River are smaller tributaries.
    All five species of Pacific salmon (Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum and Pink) spawn in the river or its tributaries.

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