Use High Vantage Points To Improve Your Sight Fishing

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Do you see any trout in this photograph?

Use High Vantage Points to Improve your Sight Fishing.

I often utilize high vantage points during my outings to improve my sight fishing. This especially holds true for me when I only have a couple hours to fish. If conditions are optimum for sight fishing, I regularly opt for walking out of the stream and searching out high vantage points like this one above to spot big trout. Once I’ve spotted a good trout I’ll then hike down to the stream and present my fly. It’s paid off big time for me over the years when fishing highly pressured wild trout. Give it a try next time your out on the water.

A closer look reveals what’s really lurking in this hole.

Spotting trout before you begin fishing can increase your success.

I apologize for the poor quality camera and photography. Louis Cahill wasn’t along for this outing.

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