Tim Rajeff’s Double Haul Master Class

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This video can teach you to fly cast and double haul like a pro.

When I asked Tim Rajeff for some tips on the double haul, I got way more than I expected. In just under 4 minutes Tim gave the best presentation I’ve ever seen on fly casting. If you want to improve your fly casting, get more distance and control and cast like a rockstar, take a few minutes to watch this video.

Video tips on the double haul from tim Rajeff

Louis Cahill
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13 thoughts on “Tim Rajeff’s Double Haul Master Class

  1. Great tips! I’m new to flyfishing but I’m luck to have excellent guides for both bone fishing and stripers /albies. They have shown me these same tips, which greatly improved my casting. I must say….it’s PRACTICE that really made the difference.
    I get lots of looks when I’m on grass ! Maybe some because I’m female and blonde! LOL

  2. haha…. he gives a bad baby haul with no line speed… and still throws a tight loop. This guy.

    Great Video Tim and thanks for sharing Louis, I’ll pass this around.

  3. I believe that a large amount of the line speed that was gained was due to the type of rod he was using. That was a noodle rod if I ever saw one!. I would like to have a go with that type of rod, im sure we would all improve our double hall
    Respectfully Fergie.
    April 18th at 12, 45 p.m.

    • LOL! The internet never fails to amaze me. I’ll agree with you this far, that Echo Instructor Rod is very nice, as are all Echo rods. It is however, a very fast rod. I’ve cast that very rod and I’ll tell you, it’s anything but a noodle. What you’re seeing in that video is a world champion fly caster who knows how to load a rod. You’d do well to take Tim’s advice.

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  6. I wish Tim could be a little more enthusiastic when instructing instead of being so dull. Sarcasm may occur.

  7. Excellent videos Louis and Kent:

    I have seen at least 3 things my double haul was deficient in in just 4 minutes. No wonder I was disappointed in my casting over Salmon last summer. I’ll be looking at this video a few times before next season starts and be practicing in my neighboring school yard in the spring.

    I really enjoy receiving your post every Monday, but this one was exceptional.

    Tight lines,

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