Tim Rajeff on Casting Heavy Flies: Video

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Here are some tips for casting heavy flies and tandem setups without pain or tangles.

No one enjoys casting a lot of weight but sometimes thats what it takes to be effective. all too often it means a lump on the head or spending half your day untying knots. Sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s an easy way to cast weighted flies and avoid the complications. Tim Rajeff is back to show you how to cast the heavy stuff without a helmet.

Watch the video for more casting tips from Tim Rajeff.


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10 thoughts on “Tim Rajeff on Casting Heavy Flies: Video

  1. Big flies? The big flies in my kit are 6″ to 7″ long with a 7/0 hook somewhere or other in the feathers and fluff on 14 or 15wt singlehanded rods.

    Slightly smaller are 3/0 Barra Bunnys (like a Tarpon Crush) on an 8wt or 6″ articulated Poppers on a 10wt or 12wt depending on the wind resistance.

    So there is very little or no water hauling and the cast is the constant tension or Belgium Cast.

    2/0 Clousers are easy on a 10wt or 12wt.

    Reckon that’s pretty good for an old bloke. Cheers.

  2. Tim Rajeff is a fly casting genius – and a phenomenal teacher.
    That is a rare combination. Give us more.

    I have read about the “Italian” casting style. Any help here?

    • Rest assured Rick, there will be more from Tim in the future. We love doing these casting vids with him. He’s a blast to work with!

  3. Tim’s advice is inspirational, and it’s truly a gift that you offer his excellent videos to those of us who are “self-taught” casters. It’s the “little” tips he shares that can make a big difference in casting efficiency and effectiveness–a never-ending challenge based on varying conditions and circumstances. The advice he offers in this video works especially well when casting heavy Merkins to permit in the Keys.

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