Tie An Effective Fly-Fishing Leader for Bonefish

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Photo by Louis Cahill

By Louis Cahill

This fly-fishing leader will out perform anything you can buy.

I have used this leader for most of my saltwater fishing for fifteen years. I learned it from my buddy Bruce Chard and have changed it very little in all that time. It offers the angler more control over their presentation than any commercially made leader. The leader has amazing turnover, especially in windy conditions, and also works well for other species like permit and redfish. 

Watch the video and learn to tie an effective bonefish leader.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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16 thoughts on “Tie An Effective Fly-Fishing Leader for Bonefish

  1. Louis, thanks for the great video. Why is a tied leader more desirable than an extruded tapered leader? You mentioned the stiffness of the Rio sections; is that the primary reason or are there others?

  2. Your kitchen is cool, and I knew you were smart enough to have a microwave. How else does one heat up a cup of coffee?

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  4. I tried to buy some “Rio Hard Alloy Mono” material. Their website lists “HARD MONO SALTWATER TIPPET.” Rio told me that the term “Alloy” was used in Australia but, they don’t offer that product. I know you are very particular about what you use to construct your leaders and want to make sure I do it correctly!

      • That’s what I figured and already bought some. Having a tough time getting the stuff to straighten out. Tying a nice tight blood or nail knot with 30 lb hard mono is a challenge! I’ve done it in the past for freshwater and that was not a problem. My ties so far with 30 lb look loose, but seem to hold the knot ok.

  5. Y’all should do a post about boat ramp etiquette. I’ve noticed more this year than ever how many people don’t know how to use the ramp well, if at all.

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