The Teardrop Cast

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By Louis Cahill

The Teardrop cast is a soft presentation fly cast that’s handy for targeting spooky fish.

I learned this cast from a guide in the Bahamas. It was a day I’ll never forget. It was a dark, cloudy day but there was no wind. We spent all morning stalking tailing bonefish in shallow water. The fish were feeding eagerly, but they were really spooky. I was getting a lot of shots but not feeding a lot of fish. When my guide, Ellie Rahming, showed me this cast, I went from zero to hero.

The name Teardrop cast is not commonly known. I’ve asked around but haven’t found anyone who knows another name for the cast. It’s not a secret among saltwater anglers but I don’t hear it talked about much. It sure does make a difference when you’re casting to spooky fish.

Watch this video and learn the Teardrop Cast.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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