The Double Figure 8 Loop knot

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Loop knots give your fly superior action in the water.

There are several good options for creating a loop knot but tied in heavy salt water tippet, like you use for tarpon, most get quite bulky. In the first of three videos on better salt water knots, Capt. Joel Dickey shows us how to tie the Double Figure 8 Loop Knot. An excellent choice for strength, size and action.

Watch the video and learn to tie the double figure 8 loop knot!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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8 thoughts on “The Double Figure 8 Loop knot

    • Well they did base Blades of Glory on Kent, Louis and I. Will Ferrel and John Heder didn’t do Kent and I justice in my opinion… Louis was our manager… just saying

  1. This is essentially a Homer Rhodes loop knot, right? With a figure 8 in the main line as a jam knot, rather than the overhand…Right?

    • The Homer Rhodes and Left Kreh are nonslip knots where you set the loop first. The double figure 8 achieves the same finished loop but the wraps are different. The loop is set by the 2nd figure 8 by how close you tie it to the first figure 8. I like this knot a lot.

  2. Debus – you are right the figure 8 is where it is different… I have actually heard it called the improved homer Rhodes but I don’t think it is from videos of the improved homer Rhodes knots that I have seen….


  3. That knot is just a Homer Rhodes but with reversed order. an original Homer Rhodes is single overhand first, through the hook, then double overhand. Everything I have seen about an Improved homer Rhodes was what Joel tied. It becomes more of a lock knot. Anyways…Great tutorial Joel.

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