Tandem Fly Rigs The Easy Way: Video

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Fishing two flies is almost always better than one, here’s the easy way to set up a team of flies.

I almost never trout fish with a single fly. Whether I’m using a dry-dropper, a pair of nymphs, a streamer and nymph, or even two dry flies, I like to double my odds. There are several ways to set up a team of flies. The simplest solution to tie and fish is to tie your dropper to the bend of the hook on the lead fly. It’s fast and easy to tie and less likely to tangle than more complex setups.

If you are not accustomed to fishing tandem rigs, you should give it a try. It’s highly effective. Don’t be intimidated by the rigging or by casting teams of flies. With a little practice it becomes second nature.

Watch this video to learn the easy way to tie on a team of flies.


Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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9 thoughts on “Tandem Fly Rigs The Easy Way: Video

  1. I have frequently struggled tying the know on the bend of the hook using several different methods. I cant wait to try this one. Sure hope its easier and more reliable than the others,

  2. Louis,

    I’d very much like to see some casting tips for chucking a multi bug rig. Tying hasn’t been the issue, swinging a mace has 😉


    • Matt, It’s a common misconception that you need to alter your casting to cast multiple flies. Multi fly rigs will certainly show any problems with your casting stroke. It sounds like that’s not news to you, or to any of us. The trick is to keep an energized, well formed loop. I’ll give you a couple of pointers that may help. Slack is the mother of all 4 letter words in fly fishing. If there is any slack in your cast, you will certainly have problems with teams on flies. Equally important is that your rod tip travel in a straight line, with a nice positive stop at the end of the stroke. This will keep your loop nice and clean. Where most anglers get into trouble is when their loops tail. For some tips on fixing tailing loops, read this. http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/fly-fishing-tips-technique/fix-your-tailing-loops-once-and-for-all/ I hope this helps.

      • Louis,

        Thanks for taking the time to throw out some pointers! I’ll be sure to keep them in mind next time I get some time on the water.

  3. This is a slick and easy way to add a dropper, but I have found that especially with big fish like steelhead in brushy areas, you can suddenly lose your fish. I think this happens when the fish is hooked on the upper fly and the lower, point fly hooks up on something, the pull is ideal for removing the hook. I have had better success putting both leaders through the same eye. Thoughts?

  4. I found over the years, while guiding that most people had little to no problem with casting a two fly set up until it started to get dark. With that in mind I would suggest that they drop back to a single fly set up at that time of day. A two fly snarl up in failing light is frustrating to say the least.

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