Something Wicked This Way Comes…..

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Or does it? Capt. Joel Dickey explains how tropical storms and hurricanes can create epic fishing conditions.

Even with all the satellite imaging and sophisticated radar, we can never be sure as to where a tropical storm or major hurricane will strike land. The fish don’t have all this modern technology and yet they can predict weather much better than we can right down to the day the system hits. So with hurricane Irene barreling through the Caribbean, I’m getting prepared….to fish.

Now you might ask what does this have to do with fishing? A LOT! Just like in freshwater before a summer thunderstorm or low pressure system steams through your area, the saltwater fish also know something is coming and therefore react. A couple days before a tropical system rolls through the Florida Keys tarpon, bonefish, and permit feed like there’s no tomorrow. Waking, tailing, and rolling, these species flood the flats gorging themselves in preparation to hunker down for the next few days of less than desirable weather.

If you have the jewels to stay in town before a system moves through you will experience what most fly fisherman dream about. The fish we often consider shy and extremely smart on a day to day basis, become dumb and unaware eating our flies without hesitation. These conditions also hold true AFTER a tropical system moves through the Keys, and fishing conditions can even climb higher on the epic meter. Weathering the storm the fish have now been stacked in the deep channels and have not fed for a few days becoming hungrier by the minute. Look out for total flats chaos! The palm fronds, coconuts, and limbs will have to wait around my house. The aftermath will always be there but the extremely blue skies and calmer days after the system will not be.

When a hurricane plows through an area it sucks in all the weather around it like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. This makes the conditions for fishing absolutely perfect. So the next time Dr. Steve Lyons is on the Weather Channel every five minutes explaining each twist and turn the system makes and how you should be preparing for it, I suggest you do this. Heed his warnings….Pack the 8-11wt  of your choice, your reels, flies, sunglasses, sunscreen, don’t forget the Buff, ect. etc. etc…

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2 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes…..

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