Soft Presentation With Tim Rajeff

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Tim Rajeff shows you two effective styles of soft presentation casts.

Whether you’re offering a #20 spinner to a sipping trout or tossing a toad to a lunker tarpon, a soft presentation is key to success. Too many anglers struggle with making an accurate cast that lands softly.

No one knows fly casting like Tim Rajeff, so I asked him to take a minute to show us how he presents the fly when the pressure is on. He shared two types of casts he uses, depending on the conditions. Master these two casts and you’ll catch a lot more fish when things get technical.

Watch the video to learn Tim Rajeff’s soft presentation casts.

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Soft Presentation With Tim Rajeff

  1. Love seeing a guy that you know can bomb a line 120 ft with a very fast graphite rod… articulate a cast and then beautifully cast a glass rod with grace. Thanks for doing this guys.

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